Employee Agency Manual

DCPH Tobacco Free

Employee Relations

Employment At Will

Equal Opportunity

Break Periods

Business Related Travel

Holiday Bonus Pay

Meal Periods

On-Call Pay


Pay Periods and Paychecks

Recording of Work Time

Subpoena and Testimony

Weather Emergencies

American With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Attendance and Notification of Absence

Change of Personal Information

Continuing Education

Corrective Action

Dress Code

Driving While on Agency Business

Employment Status

Part-Time Benefits

Excess Staffing

Exit Interviews

Harassment-Free Environment


Hepatits B Vaccination

Hepatitis B Exposure Control Plan

Introductory and Trial Periods

Licensing and Certification

Periodic Health Reviews

Professional Conduct

Substance Abuse

Violence in the Workplace

Voice Mail and Electronic Messaging

Grievance Procedure

Jury Duty

Personal Leave

Conflict of Interest

Employee Back Supports

Employee Selection

Employment Eligibility

Employment of Relatives

Rehire / Reinstatement

Smoking / Tobacco Use

Alcohol Use


Internet Policy and Guidelines

Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Policy

Cost Report

Credit Card

Inspection of Public Records

Purchasing Policy

Administrative Communication

Reporting Staff Changes

Incident Reports

Termination of Employment

Solicitation and Distribution

Equipment Policy - Fans/Heaters

Emergency Preparedness: Community Wide Preparedness

Hazardous Materials - Right to Know (MSDS)

Key Issue and Recovery


Vacation Time Earned

Sick Leave

Retirement, Funeral Leave, Holiday Benefits

Worker's Compensation

Pre-Employment Screening

Administering and Reading PPD (Mantoux)

TB Skin Test Converters

Illness Reporting

Unwelcome Visitors

Utility Emergency Procedures

Severe Storm / Tornado Warning Procedures

Fire Procedures

Winter Storm Procedures

Wage and Salary Guideline

Loaning Clients Money

Health Alert Network (HAN)

Personal Day

Decatur County Cell Phone Policy

Work Day and Low Census

Agency Vehicles

Food at Meetings, Retirements, Agency Events