The County Auditor's office is often referred to as the “hub of county government” because the responsibilities of the office are so diverse.  Those responsibilities include:


  • Commissioner of Elections- The Auditor’s Office conducts all federal, state, county, city, school and special elections and certifies the results to the state or subdivision involved.  If you are interested in being a pollworker, contact us for more information.

  • Registrar of Voters - The Auditor's Office is where you may register to vote - We maintain the records of all registered voters in the county.

  • Clerk to the Board of Supervisors - The Auditor prepares Board agendas and minutes, maintains all official records and actions of the Board and publishes all required legal notices.

  • Passport Acceptance Agent - The Auditor’s Office is a passport acceptance agent for the US Department of State Federal Passport Agency.

  • Real Estate Transfers - We maintain records of all real estate transfers in the county and keep plat maps and transfer books current.  We have no plat books available for sale - instead, please visit the county's GIS Property Search website.

  • Taxes - The Auditor’s Office computes the taxable valuations for each property owner and calculates the tax rates for all taxing entities in the county.

  • Permits – We process applications for beer & liquor, cigarette and fireworks permits for the unincorporated areas of the county.

  • Human Resources Manager – We assist county employees with insurance coverage questions, process payroll and are responsible for updating the personnel policy.

  • Financial Officer - The Auditor’s Office completes financial reports and budgets and issues payment for all services, materials and payroll charged to the county.

  • “Budget Central” – We serve as “Budget Central” for other government entities: Schools, Cities, Townships, Agricultural Extension, County Hospital, Emergency Management, E911 Service Board and County Assessor.

  • Custodian of the Courthouse - Under the direction of the Board of Supervisors, the Auditor’s Office is responsible for general maintenance and repair issues, as well as records storage and disaster recovery.


We are always available to help with your questions and invite you to visit our office anytime.