Board of Supervisors

Decatur County Board of Supervisors

Dan Christensen,
2023 Chair

Ward Graham

Steve Fulkerson



Dec Co Courthouse The Board of Supervisors is the administrative and supervising body for the county. The Decatur County Board is comprised of 3 members who are elected to staggered 4 year terms. Citizens from the entire county elect supervisors (at-large) to represent the best interests of the people and the County as a whole.



Duties of the Board of Supervisors include:

    • Review and approve the budget proposals of county departments
    • Oversee all county buildings and grounds
    • Review claims and order payment of those claims
    • Approve official’s reports
    • Establish and vacate public highways
    • Levy taxes to raise revenues for the county
    • Fill other county office vacancies
    • Canvass of votes for all elections held within the county
    • Allow/Disallow homestead, family farm, and military credit claims
    • Approve/Disapprove fireworks, cigarette, beer, and liquor permit applications for the unincorporated areas of the county.

The Supervisors meet each Monday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. in the Board Room located on the first floor of the Decatur County Courthouse (NE corner office).  When the Courthouse is closed on Monday for a holiday, the Board instead meets on Tuesday. 


Board of Supervisor meetings are open to the public. The public nature of the meetings is most important as the Board is available to its constituents and can respond to issues of importance to county citizens.


Meeting agendas are posted weekly.  The County Auditor is clerk to the Board of Supervisors and schedules appointments for meetings and records meeting minutes.  Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Board during the following week's meeting.


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