General Assistance



General Assistance is a County funded program that can help people with emergency financial needs. PLEASE BE ADVISED....Funding may not always be available due to County budget constraints.


How is eligibility for assistance determined?

If you reside in Decatur County the first step is to complete a General Assistance application and provide the requested information. The General Assistance Director will review your application and Decatur County Ordinance #10 to determine if you are eligible for assistance.

Download an application

Or you can come into the office located on the 1st floor (southeast corner) of the Decatur County Courthouse, Leon, or you can call 641-446-7494.


What services are available?

  • Rent, Interest on Home Mortgages
  • Utilities
  • Food/Essential Non-Food Products
  • Qualified Medical Expenses
  • Transportation
  • Burial