Board of Health

Board of Health meetings are typically scheduled for the 4th Thursdays during

  • the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November
  • Public Health Office, 207 NE Idaho, Leon, Iowa  50144. 

This is subject to change, so contact the Public Health office,

641-446-6518, for exact upcoming meeting dates.




In 1967, Chapter 137 of the Code of Iowa marked the beginning of a new era of public health in Iowa.  Each county was required to establish a five-member local board of health with one member being a physician licensed by the state of Iowa.  The county board of supervisors would appoint additional members to the local board.


Local boards of health have responsibility for public health in their jurisdiction.  They support local public health vision, mission, and advocacy and encourage community involvement in setting public health priorities.  Their overall responsibility relate directly to the three core public health functions and the ten essential services of public health.


Assessment - knowing what needs to be done

Regular collection, analysis, interpretation, and communication of information about health conditions, risks and assets in



Policy Development - being part of the solution

Local boards of health are working to increase collaboration, promoting of shared responsibility for problems solving. 

Policy development can support public health and help meet community needs.


Assurance - doing what needs to be done . . . or making sure it happens

A primary responsibility of local boards of health is to assure that private and public services to protect and promote

public health are available and accessible to all.


Serving on a local board of health is an honorable and noteworthy task.  The success of public health in meeting the challenges

of the new millennium will depend on capable and dedicated leadership by the local board of health.


Decatur County Board of Health Members and Expiration of Terms:

Rita Audlehelm, Chair                                          12-31-2020
Deanna Stone, Vice Chair                                    12-31-2022

Bob Bell, Secretary                                               12-31-2021
Kathy Lerma                                                        12-31-2023 

Dr. Nathan Allen                                                  12-31-2021