Community Transformation Grant

The Community Transformation Grant (CTG) is a signature program of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The grant is intended to prevent leading causes of death and disability through evidence-based initiatives, environmental and systems change, and strengthening the health infrastructure.  A minimum of 50% of the grant funds distributed to local boards of health must be used for four of the five strategic directions:  Tobacco-Free Living; Healthy Eating; Active Living; Clinical Preventive Services; and Safe and Healthy Environment.


So . . . What's the Impact?  The principal of the CTG serves as a reminder that it all starts in a community.  Communities shape people and impact all facets of their life, including their health outcomes.  The CTG provides the infrastructure to enhance the linkages between the individual, their community, and the larger population.  When an individual has access and makes the subsequent healthy choice, it not only improves their well-being and health, but impacts spillover to the entire population at an exponential rate.


Projects completed:

Curb cuts in Leon and Lamoni
Banners on light poles in Leon
Bicycle racks in Leon, Lamoni, Decatur, Davis City, Garden Grove, Van Wert
Signage on trails in Leon and Lamoni
Healthy banners displayed in businesses, hospital and clinics in county
NEMS-V and NEMS -R assessments on restaurants and vending machines in county
Working with Graceland to put in raised beds for growing herbs, etc. bike shelter on campus, healthy banners on campus, signage in community hall,stall signage on healthy messages
Opened wellness center in Leon in back of Public Health office
Billboard display for one year in Decatur