Tobacco Control Program

Approximately one in five Iowans are current smokers.  Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of preventable death in Iowa, the United States, and the world.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publishes recommendations for tobacco control and prevention.  These strategies fall into three categories:

  • preventing the initiation of tobacco use by youth
  • reducing exposure to secondhand smoke
  • promoting tobacco cessation

Decatur County Public Health works with local schools, the Decatur County Interagency Coalition, and Quitline Iowa to provide tobacco use prevention education to people of all ages.  We also promote the Great American Smoke-Out sponsored by the American Cancer Society held annually the third Thursday during November.


Decatur County Tobacco Free Coalition


  • prevent the initiation of tobacco use by youth
  • promote cessation by adults and youth
  • reduce the availability of tobacco
  • eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke
  • increase coalition membership

Accomplishes goals by:

  • distributing educational materials
  • promoting Quitline Iowa
  • providing educational assistance to our area schools
  • assisting workplaces in creating tobacco-free environments
  • assisting in coordination of cessation services

Tobacco Prevention in Decatur County

We aim to prevent, reduce, and eliminate youth tobacco use.  Unfortunately, tobacco use starts at a young age when teens are not fully aware of the health risks and the potential for addiction.  Decatur County's JET (Just Eliminate Tobacco) invites the community to think about how positive role modeling can be encouraged at home and near schools or parks to help keep youth from becoming addicted to tobacco.  Central Decatur, Lamoni, and Mormon Trail schools model outstanding tobacco-free school policies at school, on school grounds and in vehicles, as well as at school events.  We also applaud the Decatur County Fairgrounds for turning down tobacco company sponsorship and advertising to protect our kids. 


Help for Quitting Tobacco

Quitline Iowa offers free phone coaching by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).  Call Decatur County Public Health (641-446-6518) or email [email protected] with any questions. 


Free NRT Offer Extended !!!

Decatur County is still offering 4 free weeks of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patches and gum while supplies last.  Call Quitline Iowa at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) for more information about your NRT choices:

  • nicotine patches
  • gum

Quit for Love

Babies and children who are exposed to secondhand smoke from cigarettes may suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia, and ear infections.  Exposure may make them wheeze and cough more often.  If they have asthma, breathing in secondhand smoke from cigarettes can trigger an attack that may be severe enough to send them to the hospital.  Secondhand smoke also causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  Breathing even a little secondhand smoke can be dangerous.  Quitting smoking will improve your health and protect the health of others.


Give your family and friends the gift of good health . . . quit smoking today!


Learn More About Tobacco Use Prevention

Visit the following websites to learn more about the effects of smoking and to find information and assistance on how to quit smoking:

Quitline Iowa

American Lung Association

Office of the Surgeon General

National Cancer Institute

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Keeping Your Natural Beauty: A Smoker's Guide to Quitting